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Risk management

Treasury risk management is more than avoiding the loss of rands and cents. It is about understanding the opportunity cost and regulatory requirements involved with every transaction. Our risk management strategies focus on always delivering an optimal outcome. Whether you are receiving funds, making a payment, or even building an international investment – we make money move efficiently.

The Citadel Global team specialises in advising companies on the structuring and management of their unique treasury and hedging policies. This includes the implementation of various risk management strategies, making use of a combination of a combination of spot, forward and option contracts.

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Hedging solutions

No two businesses are alike. And one size doesn’t fit all. At Citadel Global we take time to understand our clients’ needs and offer tailored solutions specifically designed to meet precise requirements. We offer a variety of products to achieve certainty of outcome, even during volatile times.

The success of our client-centric approach to holistic treasury management starts with the three-step hedging strategy which is designed to ensure the strength of your market position.

  • We start by identifying currency and associated risks.
  • Then we outline strategies, regulations, solutions and products to best manage the identified risks.
  • Finally, we mitigate these risks by market timing, our preferred suppliers and efficient reporting.


As a Citadel Global client you will have access to our treasury management system, which can integrate with banks, your existing systems and online trading platforms. Real-time technology ensures mark to market on all open positions.

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Corporate cash management

Managing increasingly complex forex transactions and exposures requires not only a keen understanding of currency risk, but also a sound and effective cash flow and corporate cash management approach, which expands as your needs change.

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